Pensions have become a major talking point and for many is the most significant investment they will make. But whilst Pensions are simple in concept, they can be complex and disappointing in practice.

With legislation constantly changing, new products being introduced to the market and individual circumstances constantly changing and evolving, reviewing your pension annually is vital.

Have you reviewed your pension arrangements in the past 12 months?

Questions to ask yourself are:

  • Is my Pension Company charging me to much?
  • Where is my Pension Fund invested?
  • How well is it performing?
  • Are there better alternatives?
  • Have I kept track of all my pensions?

All Pension reviews are introduced to Premiere UK FS Ltd.

Why take a Premiere UK FS Ltd Pension Review?

  • We provide a fast No Obligation and impartial review of your pension arrangements.
  • We will advise if the charges in your plan are still competitive.
  • We will analyse the historic returns and potential of your current Pension Funds.
  • We will analyse your Attitude to Risk and your objectives.
  • We will carry out product research and make recommendations.
  • We will provide ongoing advice relating to your chosen plan.
  • We can consolidate all your pensions into one pot.

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