Family Protection Insurance

A good question to ask yourself if you are thinking about buying life insurance is… does it cover me for a catastrophe that I cannot afford to fund from my own resources?

If you can comfortably fund the event from your own resources, or the event is not a catastrophe, then you probably don’t need it. Depending on your specific situation, we will work with you to identify any genuine need you may have for family protection insurance.

If we identify a need then we’ll work out how big it is, and help you put insurance in place to cover the risk as specifically as possible. We’ll recommend the lowest cost provider that offers a suitable product and help you through the process to completion.

We use specialist sourcing software to help you find the best deal from all the major UK providers of Life Insurance and related products. We do not charge you a fee for our advice.

Depending on your situation, you have four main options to protect yourself, your partner and your dependents.

Term Assurance

Provides a lump sum on death within your chosen term. Can be used to provide a lump sum legacy for your partner and dependents or to pay off a mortgage debt.

Family Income Benefit

Will pay an income to your partner or dependents if you die within your chosen term. If you are a single mum you could use this to provide an income for your children until they are 18 for example.

Critical Illness Insurance

Will provide you with a lump sum for your chosen term if you get seriously ill. You could use this cover to pay for the costs associated with modifying your home for disabled use for example.

Permanent Health Insurance

If you get seriously ill and are unable to do your job, then this cover will pay you an income for as long as you are unable to work, until you die, or until you reach normal retirement age. The cover is permanent in the sense that it may pay out on more than one event during your chosen term.

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