Private Medical Insurance; can you really afford not to have it?

If you run a business then having some control over when you are treated is crucial if you want to avoid disruption.

As our political parties get together for their annual bun fights, quaintly called ?conferences? by card carrying members, the healthcare of the nation is once again on the agenda. According to the shadow Health Secretary, NHS hospitals are being encouraged to leave beds empty in the hope that they will be able to fill them with private patients. In addition, new rules give trusts the ability to earn 50% of their income from private patients meaning they’ll have little incentive to chase after NHS patients.

National treasure

Despite Danny Boyle’s triumphant celebration of The NHS at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, its ability to survive in the form it was originally intended is constantly called into question. No matter what side of the political fence you sit on, a free health service for all, paid for by taxes and national insurance contributions, is the pinnacle of a civilised society.

However, when the cracks begin to show and the whole thing becomes a political yo-yo, having a contingency plan in place is not only sensible, it could mean the difference between peace of mind or an anxious six month wait for a bed. And if you run a business, what you don’t need is something else to add to the list of uncertainties that comes with life in the hot seat.

Not now matron

It’s not difficult to imagine the upheaval caused if you’re called in for treatment just as a time sensitive deal is about to complete or you are about to attend an important trade fair. And if you run a seasonal business then just hope your number comes up in a slack period.

Having some control over when you receive treatment, from who you receive it and where you have it performed, can remove the worry that you may be out of action at vitally important times for your business.

Bedside manner

There is of course a wide choice of providers when it comes to private medical insurance and picking the right one, and the policy that best suits your requirements, can often take up valuable time that could be better spent keeping the business in check.

Here at Premiere UK we deal with all the major providers of PMI and can remove that initial headache. We also stick with you all the way providing annual market appraisals and comparisons to ensure you are always getting the cover that’s right for your circumstances.

Politicians may carry on politicking and nostalgists may carry on yearning for the glory days of the NHS. The important thing is that your business carries on smoothly even if you do need time out for medical treatment.

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